Friday, January 26, 2007

Ski Doo

Work was some what slow today and with winter in full force and a newish toy on site there was a need to kill time. The means of the temporal execution was that of a snow mobile with the reason for the ride a visit the Drill.

The ride went well with only the small of my back and my face getting cold. It was If memory is correct the first exercise in driving a Ski Doo by the author. A well iced over beard was seen at the end of the trip and because it was a beautiful sunny day photos were taken along the way.

Speaking of sunny days the sun is now up before 10 am, and there is twilight till 5pm, it is an almost enjoyable paring.
Flight Part I

Now that the winter road is under construction it is possible to reach Yellow Knife by land using the term loosely, as much of the route is over water. The bulk of the goods for the daily operation of the camp and transport of the crew and staff takes place by air. The weekly flights are of Cessna Grand Caravans or DH Twin Otters. One one or two occasions a DC3 was brought into catch up on supplies or equipment that would other wise not be possible

So here is Flight part one Images of and from aircraft that keep this place running

Heading out on to Yellow Knife Bay, in a float plane, July 2006

DC3 Landing Discovery

Looking Up at flying dinosaur A DC3

Dehavlin Twin Otter Landing at our air port

Friday, January 5, 2007

Nothern Lites In Exile

Nothern Lites In Exile:

From the 21st of December to the 3rd of January Nothern Lites was in misplaced. That is not saying the Blog was lost rather the Blogger was out to town. The time was spent in Vancouver where among many important things beer was to be had. The first beer is always the best after weeks dry the feeling of relaxation and it is now brake time is on and stop worrying.

There is always the question of just how bushed am I. This question forcefully enters ones mind once camp is left in favour for a more urban setting where the population is more diverse and the important bit here is the diversity of young women which are lacking in an drilling camp in the middle of nowhere.

Note that the pictures date from my January 2006 visit as I did not get around to taking any on this christmas visit.

Over all time was spent getting lost down town, spending money largely on the principle that non had been spent in some time and it was good to let it out for a little exercise.

Family played a role as Christmas was spent together, over very tasty nibbles, goat and chicken. Special thanks; to Nienke van Houten, for cooking an excellent spread and Ien van Houten for providing tasty healthy and morally sound meats. Then nephew was treated to a trip to Science World, which was an absolute zoo of wall-to-wall people. But as good time was had.

The Blogger as noted above enjoyed beers and also made it a point of going out a few nights and was some what drunk and slightly surprised when he found him self on a dance floor and some what more surprised when briefly he was actually dancing with people. This is in contrast with his fuzzy recollections of other times dancing where he managed to clear a circle around himself close to half his height in radius due to be over energetic and forced into a club where the music is crap first and for most and secondly so fast paced and poly-rhythmic that only and epileptic octopus could dance to it.

Coming Soon, Flight Part I