Thursday, April 29, 2010


One of these days I will write meaningful post I swear. Till then I show you one of my favorate examples of an applied pun. A periodic table table. I really like they way they use the Lanthanide and Anthanide series as bench. Technically they should be stacked as column but that don't work so good on paper.

Monday, April 19, 2010


So I have a test tomorrow. Second to last one. During the process of studying I lost momentum and found my self on a Icanhazcheeseburger affiliated site. There I found some treasures.

My top pick is

This was introduced with the Caption, If you are going to
believe in any thing let it be this
The world needs more chocolate T-Rexicorns it just does. I assume it is farting Rainbows
This would go great with my fish and chips bumper sticker. Which reminds me I was going for a walk yesterday, Sunday. I was leaving through the south exit of the campus, where the church across the way has its sunday free parking. As I went up one of the streets I passed by followers heading home their routs taking them up past both Huxley and Darwin street.

And this is just mean, leave the Sauropod alone.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Roasted Happyness

Roast Chicken a food that even Easter Island has enjoyed.  

Steps 1 small bird.  1 Cast iron grill pan half a red pepper, a whole lot of Barbecue sauce and garlic, for a little over an hour at 350F.  Not 350K, and most certainly not 250K.  But you know that.  What made me happy was the roastedness of the bird.  

Skin like old parchment, or what I am told parchment might be like if it gets old, I suspect that old is the only way you find parchment these days.  The flesh was so tender and perfect that the leg bone came clean out when I tried to remove the drum stick.  All the wonderful fatty juice stayed under the skin cause it got sealed in.  Mmmmmmm good.

The roast pepper was yummy too.  The baby corn was added in the last ten just to use up the last I had in a can.

While it was not needed, it turns out that roasting a chicken in a cast iron object does wonders for the seasoning of the iron.  Just cooks the fat into the metalthat will go a long way to keeping it rust free and healthy.

Because I have not gotten tired of it the view from the Burard St Bridge going into down town Vancouver.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Vancouver Again and again

Greetings Bloggies.
I am sorry but due to a loss of a post due to a lack of back up the retrospective post I wrote last week will remain off line for the time being. I have not had the head space to rewrite it in the same spirit it was written in.
An evening stop at Brentwood Skytrain station. I was watching the sun set as moved east and was lucky that Brentwood was high enough up that I caught the last of it.

My new cooking toy. Because when I am feeling down I like to shop for kitchen things. Though it makes me sad that for the time being there is no one in my life to fully share it with.

While stopping to get refreshments at a safeway I spotted this as I was in line.
Microwave Omelet pan, perfect Omelets in minutes. Personally I did not know that it took more then minutes to make omelets, unless you are waiting for the chicken to lay.

Perhaps the best graffiti in town. Mr Spock. On a pillar holding up the Expo-line portion of the Commercial and Broadway skytrain complex.

The best of bad humor from the BCIT medical office.

And again to borrow from Flat Land, the reference not the Line.
I do miss A squared. And its not an easy thing to let go of or want to let go of.