Sunday, September 30, 2007

September Down South

What I did on my Holidays.

I am behind on my Blog posting with apologies to any one who reads it. I was on vacation and well I always have good intentions of writing on trips away from camp and always fall into a habit of joyously doing nothing. Doing nothing and having afternoon naps are an important part of the time but it was not the all of it. Some time was spent at parties, or gaming with friends. I even went for a couple bike rides. I should point out that I went to a wedding, very much not my own. It was a sweet and beautiful but not overly long event. I will not go in to huge details on the wedding and reception others will have posted photos by now and perhaps a few Blog posts that have slipped by low my radar. So here is short version.

Dri's wedding was in the Penticton rose garden, a good spot for it, Dri her self had a dress that would not have been out of place in Rivendell or Lothlorien. Though it was good to see Dri getting married to a nice friendly man, the real gem of that trip was seeing Chani again.

For those reading this not in my family Chandra, or Chani to every one, is one of my best friends and has been since forever, she also happen to be Dri's little sister. I had not seen her in something close to 10 years. I had been in touch over the Internet with her for a few years, but despite what children of the twenty first century will tell you, it is no match for face to face. So I had a great time meeting the friends she had made and the family she had started since we had parted ways. A long with meeting Chani's current friends I had some confusing and ultimately funny encounters with her father and littlest brother. In the case of the youngest brother I had known that he had existed but being that he was a baby the last time I saw him, he slipped from my mind, I alternately forgot he existed and was reminded and forgot again, I was in a forgetting phase at the wedding. This was matched with his not know I existed at all, and only after we both wondered who we were in relation to each other was the situation cleared up by my mother.
In the case of John Chani's father I recognized him right away but he had no idea who I was, as the last time he had seen me was in high school when I still hand long blond hair, now I am shinny with a shave.

Other delays in Posting.
I was also occupied with a side project. I finished my first fiction peace. I have started I don't know how many stories or came up with premises for them but I have never finished any of them. That was until I met Yoshida Cohen. I will after it has passed through a reader or two and gone under there red pen a few more times post the story on this Blog. Yoshi's Kosher Sushi will see the light of day.
Stay posted I will try to have that post up in a few weeks. I have some details for a more important effort to work on first. I have made the first moves towards applying to grad school, nothing official but I am in touch with a prof and he has asked for some work from my under grad projects so I have to take the time to make sure I am not sending over garbage.

The KVR Just North of Penticton

Final note, It snowed the night before last, about 6 fluffy inches, its melting during the days but that will not be the case for too long.