Friday, January 22, 2010

A day at the office

Greetings Bloggies.

Well today was the third day of my practicum, currently I am only coming in on fridays. The work is solving a problem that would be simple if I have been programing for longer. But at little over 6 months trying to teach computers new tricks, getting one button to do one thing slightly more fancy still feels hard. I do learn lots.

Getting out of Burnaby and into a part of town where if I did not work in a plastic wrapped building and worked on a floor that did not look at the building across the street I could see False Creek.

So I took a few photos on my lunch and on the way home.

Also the Happy Computer

The Adventures Of Emile

Hi Bloggies

In this episode we will join Emile as it bakes a cake and roasts a chicken.
Over the coarse of sunday and monday Emile, the ceramic roasting dish received as a Xmass gift was used in the baking of a Birthday cake and the roasting of a chicken. The chicken was planned as my monday dinner and left overs for the week. The cake was random.

On sunday morning I was one of the first up, and almost certainly one of the first up for this floor. So when a room mate from up stairs asked if any of the people had a cake pan I volunteered. Turns out the thing makes a good cake after all.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

In the Kitchen again

Greetings Bloggies

After having been in spitting distance of The Railway Club on two occasions this week and not making it to either event associated with that place. I took it on my self to attempt to reproduce one of dishes I have had there. Pulled Pork. I differed in that their preparation uses Dr. Pepper and I used root beer. Because I like root beer.

The preparation was simple a quick rub of salt pepper and paprica, browning the meet and keep it company in the oven with some Jalapenos and onions. Cover with Root beer bake at 225. Mine was in the oven from 10am to 4:30.

Some time after 4 I started to make buns to go with. The failing in the buns was not kneading them enough to get them to make nice balls. So then ended up more like a roll then a bun. Its all good.

At the end of the process the pork was taken from is pop bath torn apart with forks and mixed with BBQ sauce at low heat.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Only Twilight post I will ever Do

Greetings Bloggies

A roommate brought home some Twilight candies. To which I say in the spirit of Ralph Wiggum from the Simpsons, " It tastes like sparkling."


Greetings Bloggies.

So I was informed that I was not sharing the products of my cooking adventures with people that are not here.
So as a biproxi alternative to feeding all of my 5 loyal readers at one I will blog about food. The last post concerned the use of
the roasting pan and iron. Both of which have been used since. This post covers my adventures with a rolling pin. I had actually gotten my self one before christmas but never used it. It was a So So one made of steel.

The extra new one is Danish Maple. Its longer and heavier then the steel one. With that in my grasp it was time to revisit pizza.
My last and nearly first effort was not bad. But it was lumpy and uneven. Tonights batch which is really yesterdays was perfect.
I made this batch of pizza when the sauce I made thursday or so failed to be tasty for pasta due to a lack of non paste tomato products. That made it the perfect pizza sauce.

To night and this weeks supply of left overs used the last of that sauce combined with olives and read pepers and chicken fried in a little of the sauce and some smokey hot sauce. I think my post title says the rest.
Thankfully I have enough dough in the freezer to roughly double it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Greetings Bloggies

A rare window in which I can blog. Having left Dial-up country for the city and not yet returned to a full on slot of home work its time for a quick post. I am excited by the gifts I got for Xmass. Which include a waffle iron, a lovely french roasting pan thingy and rolling pin. I have made used of the first two.

The waffle iron was used on the simplest instructions in the included booklet and the roasting pan for duck. The waffles still need fine tuning and I am out of all purpose flour. The duck on the other hand worked out the best yet. The duck leg was roasted in a rub of salt with thyme, paprica and basil. It was roasted skin side up. This produced a crispy skin draining much of the fat into the dish. I decanted some of the fat and roasted a Yam with it umm.

I have yet to use the rolling pin.

The majority of waffles were frozen for later use.