Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A Coda


Its about time I start to admit that this blog has ran its course. The frequency with which I either write things for it or think of things to write has dropped to nearly zero.  The simply fact is the conditions that made writing what was often a very personal thing have disappeared.
When I first started I was working in the Northwest Territory, distant from any of the few friends I had.  It was broadcasting what I could because I had no one to say anything to up there.  It had a few spikes in activity as time was more available.

The last three years and a bit saw a spike as I faced a hard period of unemployment and temp work.  The ranting there helped me hold together. It was a rather bitter time.  However, during this time things got better, I got less isolated, when it becomes possible to share troubles I don't need to broadcast them.  Now I have a job that matches most of what I was looking for, busy weekends and no on going crisis to report on.   Most of what's going on in my life is either private, trivial, or technical. None of which fits in the what was the scope of this blog.  I'll keep this up because I see no point in taking it down but it will be very unlikely that I will update it in t he future.

Don't worry I'm not off the internet yet.