Friday, December 10, 2010

The Long Game

A bitter Sweet hello to my bloggies.

So I am writing this because a resolution has been achieved. In early November 2010 I got an email for a job opening that apparently I was a good candidate for. The position was for a GIS position with a local environmental and engineering firm. A series of emails were sent back and forth as I tried to fish out the details to see if I was interested. I has barely been home from Saskewan for more then 4 days when this news fell on my lap.
It was good luck.

Well not luck to be honest. The product of the Long Game. As I was preparing to head to BCIT to get re-educated, a series of contacts were made with the intent of landing me a practicum position before classes started. Due to this work by end of summer I had gained a series of contacts who were interested in talking business. It was one of these contacts that reached out to me in early November with the lead on the job.

For once the advice form HR websites and the endless pamphlets on how to get a job paid off. I had done as they said, made a contact, kept in touch and was on their radar when an opening showed up.

That is how it should work, but in the end I lost the job to someone with more GIS experience. There is value to my geology work but my mapping work exists only in the class room. I could not compete as well as I hoped. So now once again I find my self at loose ends. I only know what I hate to do for work and have no idea about what I want to do. So now that it is the new year and I have lost one more opportunity it is time to put forward a rather lame but honest new years resolution. It is my goal for 2011 to get a job that only sucks my soul a little and lets me come home at night.