Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Accent of the Hobbit

...And the Halfling Fourth shall stand.

As of today, April 18 2012 I am officially moving to ground level.  A few compromises had to be reached.  I will have a smaller stove and the lay out of the kitchen will be a little more cramped.  I gain a living room, dining area.  The real compromise I am not sure I can live with yet is having to have a retail shop in line of site from my balcony.   I might not like having an Italian specialty shop with a good deli and an excellent cheese selection next door.  Then again people can get used to the weirdest things.

Other things that change, I will be farther from St Augustine's and the train station.  That said the #20 bus is close and can bridge the distance quickly.  The population density is more than double what it is around here as there are many more apartment units.  Restraint will have to be practiced now that I will be 5 minutes away from my favorite bakery as well as a larger collection of ethnic grocery stores and bakeries.

Now here is the good news.  The building has modern windows, is very clean. And the very good news I am a deposit away from having permission to have a cat.

The hobbit can has cat.