Friday, January 30, 2009


The double failure of but my computer and camera came to an end on Wensday. My computer as was stated has been repaired since the 16ths and has workd very well since then. My camera was sent off early January and I had not gotten any news about it. I had over the weekend the thought that I should call canon and check on the status of my camera. I did call them on Sunday but forgot that only there machines worked weekend and for what I needed I had talk to a humam. In the end the post was faster then my use of the telephone.

Today I had to drive to Castlegar, and along the way I pulled over and had to take advantage of my newly resorted optics. I had better veiws along the way farther south but lacked a sencible spot to pull over and it was impossible to safely shoot that peak from a moving vehical. The Slocan bluffs would have eaten me whole if I was going to try a trick like that.

Now with a freshly restored camera I think I will be blogging some more again, as I hate having nothing but text to report with.

In other news, my search for new meaningful employment is moving but slowly. I got a rejection leter yesterday. One step above being compleatly ignored. I am two weeks into the process and I am learning a few things about the state of the industry and damn it its not the best of times at all.

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Nothern Lites and Do it Your self productions present the official guild on to how build a a chair.

Late November after a trip to the fine seller of Swedish things in boxes the folks decided to forgo the Swedish solution infavour of a more local solution. So a trip was made to Castlegar, and a fine set was chosen that would fit the small space of the kitchen. After some waiting the order came through and a second trip to the 'gar was made and the parts taken home. This is were I came into the process. As I had no input on the design choices nor did I mind that It was not my choice to make.

After the kit arrived I volunteered to assemble the kit. The first chair took longer to assemble then its Swedish counter part but the kit simple and strait forward. The second chair should have gone much quicker but was met with a hick up. The second chair of the first box; the chairs were shipped two to a box was completely lacking any fasteners. I had in front of me all the nice wood bits for a perfectly good chair and no way to finish. Not to be head back I opened the second box of chairs, and assembled the second chair and started on the third. And did not get very far. This third chair was lacking the right set of fasteners.

I went on to assemble the table that went smoothly a side from the wish for having access to a small kids hands to reach into the tight spaces. As I was wrangling the table other folks wrangled the retailer about the missing bits.

It would take more then two weeks to receive the parts, a process that took longer, as it was near christmas and nothing was moving with much hurry. Then came the day of Joy, and we rejoiced as we could soon have a complete kitchen with all matching furniture. The joy was short lived as I soon found that though they had sent the wrong kits. Kits that were a perfect match for the incorrect kit that got shipped to us in the first place.

With some careful consideration I was able to finish one of the chairs. In the end I had to play some phone tag to secure the four peaces I was missing. After a couple weeks a small package came through the post and there was the last of the nuts and bolts, with the wrong washers, a small error that thanks to the spare parts l was able to get a washer of the right size and al was good.

An Instructional diagram for the wrong chair and the spare parts

Friday, January 16, 2009

We're back

At long last my computer is back up and running. After close to a month of its being either non operation or at a shop I as of 2 days ago I got it back. The keyboard is replaced and I have gotten rid of the crappy old mouse botten. To add to the replaced keyboard I replaced the nearly full 60 gig hard drive with a spacious 250 gig drive, at last room to extand. Now if only I had my camera back then I could start to flood it with new photos.

In other news, now that I have my computer back and a high speed internet connection I can start getting things moving forward seriously. Its time for my era of lessure to pass and for me to use the tools I have prepared for my self and get my self a interesting new job.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


New adventures in blogging. A first of sorts my first ever wireless blog from. Crescent Bay formerly the technological back water of A back water. Now only a back water. As of yesterday we have broadband. As of today I know the my mac book only needs a new keyboard. The power butten got messed up in the cleaning accident. This then solves my priomary problem of the dirty keys. As a added bonous I loose the crappy mouse button that came with the first replacement board.

The weather is a climate change special a 15cm dump of snow with a chaser of rain. I got stuck trying to pull out of my parking spot and after I got Back from town I did not so much drive up the hill as push the car with my mind. A little too interesting for normal life.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Good ideas gone bad

It would seem that I have a few broken tech toys. First my Mac Book is out of comission after a cleaning exersize and secondly my camera is a stiff also. The lap top was dirty I cleaned it it got too damp. I closed the lid and it did not dry out and did not boot the next day or any of the days after. I did the best I could to dry it out over the following days no luck. The camera failed as I was photographing a grouse. I took it as a dead battery and lacking a spare or a charger I had no way of testing if it was the battery. After I came home I charged up the batteries and still no life. To add to my troubles when I picked it up I could hear a bit of something rattle about in the housing.

The computer is now at a Mac dealer in Nelson and the camera will be sent to Canon Canada soon.