Friday, September 30, 2011

Not so sucky

I got a call around 1:30pm today.  The bike mechanic was able to contort the steel back into form.  I will be picking it up tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Well this just sucks

Greetings Bloggies.
A warning if this post has even more typos, grammar errors and spelling errors it is because I have had several needed beer.
In July I ordered and received a new bike chosen because it would be the best fit in its class. Money was put aside over several months for this purchase.  Cutting corners was not on my mind, I wanted a frame that would last years and I wanted a good ride.

Well today the wrong part was out of true in the worst possible way.  I bent parts that should not be bent, 180 degrees from where they should sit. I am angry, numb, pissed off, worried that it can not be fixed, hopeful that it can.  If the best case plays out, the parts will be bent strait others replaced the machine will be ride again.  Should this play out there will always be the taint on this frame of it failed once. This machine was to be my long turn ride.

Healthy and ready to ride

Pay close attention to the way the parts are bent wrong. 


Its a damn good thing the frame is light, I was carrying it a ways today. 

BEER.  A few are needed on a day like today. 

Built of steel with quality parts, I spent more money than I had originally planned to because I wanted one of the best frames that could fit me.  Now it sits in the shop where it was built waiting its turn on the mechanics rack in the hope that malleable qualities of steel will allow it to role smooth again.
What little luck I had was that the fail happened near Main and 33 close enough to the buses that I had a chance to make it to Mighty Riders be for the closed at 6pm.  They say it can be fixed. Hearing that alone pushed me out of the near shock state I had drifted into towards angry.