Monday, August 8, 2011

Great Summer Days

July was gloomy I was not happy.  August is turning out much better. Its gotten hot.  My tomatoes are doing great.  There is a aphid problem with some of my plants but nothing is dead yet.  At long last a beach day was had and it was good.

These days I have the tyranny of the produce.   I am growing more than I can realistically eat.  The other day I harvested some greens from the garden only to find more of a similar green sitting in one of my planter boxes.  Damn one more thing to eat.  There has been some concern for my mental health as I found my self willingly eating kale.  This out of normal behavior has since been rationalized as a reflection on my desire not to buy leafy greens as long as my garden can produce them for me.

Work is also going well.  You have to enjoy a job where an afternoon can be spent learning how to make your job easier.  Its not easy being inside with the bright sun and I have to admit that as long as I have my projects under control I am leaving the office quickly.  To be fair if when there is a bigger work load I stay in a little longer but high summer and a slow work flow will drive me outside.