Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Lady Found

So as of 3pm, September 5 The Lady Baroness von Softpaws of Gallifrey is found.
She is not yet home.  She was found near Quest food exchange, several blocks north of Hastings.  This was far outside the area I had searched. Kitties Hiding spot.

A staffer at from the SPCA found her in a corner of Quest's loading bay, crawled over filth and dirt to get to her.  The Lady's condition is not great.  Most of her tail was lost, according to the rescuer likely an encounter with a racoon, the remainder will have to be amputated, it is necrotic.  Her hip at first inspection is dislocated possibly broken, at time of consultation the X-rays had not  been taken and a final assessment could not be made.  Of the three outcomes for her hip, two are likely to result in the same operation.

It turns out a difficulty with cat hip dislocations is soft tissue and other material getting into the socket, making a persistent relocation difficult and unreliable. The simple option appears to be remove the ball part of the ball and socket joint, cats are light enough and have the muscles to function well like that.  It is suspected that the hip was injured either from squeezing past the bug mesh, or a possible collision with a car.

I did see her, she was doped up on pain meds, I don't think she recognized me, her pupils were so wide I doubt she was seeing anything.  They had her on an IV drip because of dehydration.  But it was her, without a doubt my Lady.

Several things will happen, One, I have put a down payment on the operation, she will be cared for at the SPCA animal hospital, if nothing else I want her to avoid moving and keep her with people she knows.  Poppy, as she was known was well loved by the Shelter care takers and she may yet remember them.  This operation will cost several moneys, and might cost slightly more if it takes longer.

The other thing that will happen is The Kitten Katana will have to return to her other home.  As much as I want her about I can not introduce a cat in recovery to a healthy cat.  In a couple weeks or a month I will consider bringing Katana back into the house, she still needs a calmer home than what can be provided.  But the first thing is to get the Lady back and as healthy as can be.