Monday, August 2, 2010

The new house

Greetings Bloggies.

By now most of you are following me on face book and this is getting less and less views.
However, there is a place for wordier thoughts. I have an apartment. I am on Nanaimo street in east Vancouver, a clean well kept well treed part of town. Commercial drive is a 10 minute walk away where I can get great food stuffs and find lots of eateries. Commercial Dr, has lots of novel shops and few chain stores which is refreshing. Some of the Hippy and Hipster sub-populations are a bit much at times. Occasionally I want do there what I want to do to Baker Street in Nelson, drive up in a Semi and give a way BBQ Stakes and Bud light.

So about the house. I would say close to twice the size of my last place. Which in a chat conversation earlier today with one of the few people to have visited me there, was described as "barley big enough to open the door into it much less live in". That is no longer an issue.

Here is what I landed from Craig's List.
A proper kitchen with a double sink, a full size fridge and stove. Enough cabinet space to stock stock up on lots of staples. I also have a bath tub.

For added goodness the floor was retiled before I moved in, and its real tile. I learned the other day that the heat is in floor.

I am happy. The compromises I was making for too long, the risks avoided are being taken or changed. Its some what scary how fast I have been spending money but I worked hard to make it and I never did try to live the life style I could support.

Now I am nesting, I still need a bed, but thats coming along and I will be sleeping good before too long. Building this home is good for me.

For years I have wanted to have people over for dinner, the Soviet pot luck of last year was one of my favorate moments and well I just want to entertain a little from time to time. I also can't help but think that I am single and young and damn it I want my home to reflect that.

The tent I called home.

The bed where I realized. We're Not going to take it No We're Not going take it Any More.