Friday, January 30, 2009


The double failure of but my computer and camera came to an end on Wensday. My computer as was stated has been repaired since the 16ths and has workd very well since then. My camera was sent off early January and I had not gotten any news about it. I had over the weekend the thought that I should call canon and check on the status of my camera. I did call them on Sunday but forgot that only there machines worked weekend and for what I needed I had talk to a humam. In the end the post was faster then my use of the telephone.

Today I had to drive to Castlegar, and along the way I pulled over and had to take advantage of my newly resorted optics. I had better veiws along the way farther south but lacked a sencible spot to pull over and it was impossible to safely shoot that peak from a moving vehical. The Slocan bluffs would have eaten me whole if I was going to try a trick like that.

Now with a freshly restored camera I think I will be blogging some more again, as I hate having nothing but text to report with.

In other news, my search for new meaningful employment is moving but slowly. I got a rejection leter yesterday. One step above being compleatly ignored. I am two weeks into the process and I am learning a few things about the state of the industry and damn it its not the best of times at all.

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