Thursday, February 5, 2009

Karbon Kopy,

Hout support How may I help you

It was requested of me that I figure out the operations of a MP3 player that was a christmas gift. Since I am a reasonable tech savvy person I really agreed. I might be having regrets. The device is clearly a knock off, physically looking like a second generation iPod Nano. But that is where the similarity ends. The interfaces if painful and clumsy. Any effort made to do more then fast forward to the next song would likely lead to a car accident if done when driving. But my frustration with a bad knock off is largely countered by the entertainment value of the Engrish instruction manual. Highlights of which include.

My favorite regarding partitioning the drive to allow secure data storage. It starts with a some what technical set of instructions but ends with this gem of a sentence.

" When others borrow MP3, you may have to delete the private information, which may cause big brother. ( The Italics are mine)

The next sentence reads as follows.

"However, the "Private Space" fuction provided by this player solves the bothering problem."

I would never had thought to verbify the term big brother, thankfully there are folks with second and third hand views of our culture language and literature who can do that thinking for me. I would recommend this device to any one who wants to cause pain upon a ipod owner.

A visit to their website did not endear me to them any more, I could not find any firmware support, in fact the support page was listed as under construction. The page was dated as having been last updated in july of 2007. Karbon the power of digital, some one forgot to tell these folks that its silicon that powers digital things.

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