Friday, January 2, 2009

Good ideas gone bad

It would seem that I have a few broken tech toys. First my Mac Book is out of comission after a cleaning exersize and secondly my camera is a stiff also. The lap top was dirty I cleaned it it got too damp. I closed the lid and it did not dry out and did not boot the next day or any of the days after. I did the best I could to dry it out over the following days no luck. The camera failed as I was photographing a grouse. I took it as a dead battery and lacking a spare or a charger I had no way of testing if it was the battery. After I came home I charged up the batteries and still no life. To add to my troubles when I picked it up I could hear a bit of something rattle about in the housing.

The computer is now at a Mac dealer in Nelson and the camera will be sent to Canon Canada soon.

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