Monday, December 15, 2008

A little lost

I had me some trouble last week. It was not the first time I had that trouble but its never any fun when it happens. I twisted my knee. I was carrying out a 20 jug of water for the cabin and as I was leaving the house coming through the door way at an angle it happened. My foot hit the floor and my momentum and the jugs kept my upper body moving. My foot stayed still and it was my knee that gave causing to fall to the floor in pain.

After a quick trip to town and a little more waiting I was treated to my monthly radiation dose. My knee was treated to a set of X-rays and my groin was treated to a lead apron. The conclusion from all that was nothing visible wrong and I needed to build up my leg muscles. As of today I have for the first time in years have a gym membership again. I will start to figure out my program tomorrow.

Prior to my booking my self in at the gym I did some skiing starting first with the empty field across from the family plot of land. I moved on to some more interesting adventures getting my self a little lost out behind the hotsprings. Now I had a map I had even packed a compass, but the reality of the ground compared to the blandness of the map had me convinced the map was wrong. I found my self crawling up a too steep slope. When I did make it up to the top I explored a little around the flat area there. Which lead nowhere. I doubled back and taking a hunch I went up a little gully. This was nearly as tough going as the first approach.

By the time I was with in twenty meters of what I hoped was the top I was back sliding so much that I was loosing more ground with each ski then I was gaining. So I took them off and half walked half crawled up the slope and found my self a few meters away from the logging road beautifully compacted with ski-do traffic. It turned up that the ski trail proper was down hill a few hundred meters or less from where I had come through but I did not care. The machines had made a solid surface that was smooth and fast for me to travel over. Had I not found that I would have turned back with in a few more meters.

With the more interesting bits behind me I headed up the road away from the ski trails but on well traveled ground. I headed this way until I started to go down hill again. Not wanting to climb all the way back home being tired already I headed back.

After that adventure a long soak in the hotsprings was much needed. For on the way down I got chilled through was the willed cut into my clothings.

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