Saturday, January 16, 2010

In the Kitchen again

Greetings Bloggies

After having been in spitting distance of The Railway Club on two occasions this week and not making it to either event associated with that place. I took it on my self to attempt to reproduce one of dishes I have had there. Pulled Pork. I differed in that their preparation uses Dr. Pepper and I used root beer. Because I like root beer.

The preparation was simple a quick rub of salt pepper and paprica, browning the meet and keep it company in the oven with some Jalapenos and onions. Cover with Root beer bake at 225. Mine was in the oven from 10am to 4:30.

Some time after 4 I started to make buns to go with. The failing in the buns was not kneading them enough to get them to make nice balls. So then ended up more like a roll then a bun. Its all good.

At the end of the process the pork was taken from is pop bath torn apart with forks and mixed with BBQ sauce at low heat.

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