Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Greetings Bloggies

A rare window in which I can blog. Having left Dial-up country for the city and not yet returned to a full on slot of home work its time for a quick post. I am excited by the gifts I got for Xmass. Which include a waffle iron, a lovely french roasting pan thingy and rolling pin. I have made used of the first two.

The waffle iron was used on the simplest instructions in the included booklet and the roasting pan for duck. The waffles still need fine tuning and I am out of all purpose flour. The duck on the other hand worked out the best yet. The duck leg was roasted in a rub of salt with thyme, paprica and basil. It was roasted skin side up. This produced a crispy skin draining much of the fat into the dish. I decanted some of the fat and roasted a Yam with it umm.

I have yet to use the rolling pin.

The majority of waffles were frozen for later use.

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Natasha said...

Exciting! I'm a totally nerd, but kitchen items are right up there with new books in my list of exciting gifts. Out of those three items, the rolling pin would definitely get the most use here. We got a really great marble one as a wedding gift and I LOVE it!

Glad to here your holidays went well! Nice to see you updating again