Monday, April 19, 2010


So I have a test tomorrow. Second to last one. During the process of studying I lost momentum and found my self on a Icanhazcheeseburger affiliated site. There I found some treasures.

My top pick is

This was introduced with the Caption, If you are going to
believe in any thing let it be this
The world needs more chocolate T-Rexicorns it just does. I assume it is farting Rainbows
This would go great with my fish and chips bumper sticker. Which reminds me I was going for a walk yesterday, Sunday. I was leaving through the south exit of the campus, where the church across the way has its sunday free parking. As I went up one of the streets I passed by followers heading home their routs taking them up past both Huxley and Darwin street.

And this is just mean, leave the Sauropod alone.

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Nienke said...

OMG, Those just slayed me!