Thursday, February 22, 2007

Quick Up date

No fancy Pictures today, but some news.

We have a road into camp, It is now possible to drive to Yellow Knife. Because of the road we have some new guests who are working for a security company and a road building company. This is keeping camp life nice and fresh. Also good news the sun is back, we have days now that are close to average length for more southern latitudes, with the being up before 9am, I cant say off the top of my head when its coming up but its a great improvement over the 10:25 am sun rise that was seen on the 21st of December.

One of these days I will fix up Fligh Part II, I want to put a video in it so I will have some new tricks to learn.

Lastly the road is a winter road, driven over the countless lakes in the north we are only 28 portages from Yellow Knife, for once town seems close.

Quotable sillyness

" Jesus walked on water, we drive on it" A possible slogan for a winter road company.

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