Sunday, April 22, 2007

Northern Lites In Exile II

Northern Lights In Exile II

I was stuck In Kelowna, there were good reasons for that, specifically I went shopping. Now normally I only need a day or two spending to get my fix of pure materialism. However this break has had a special diversion, a car was being shopped for. This shopping comes as a side effect of working which is saved money. Since I have not been able to get my cash to breed in captivity using it for material ends became a option. In an unintended effort to rack up owed favours I managed to talk Darren in to bringing is brand of bad ass wisdom to my shopping trip, that and I needed some one to drive me around town. Now Darren could occupy several posts but that is out side the theme of this blog. It is enough to say that eh entertaining and multitalented welder and is always up for a few beers on a Friday. In a departure from tradition I stayed quite and let him do the talking, this saved me form my self and my money. Had I gone solo I would either have spent too much money in the wrong place or chickened out. The result of that day was 1999 Subaru Legacy, at a price that was at the upper end of my back of the envelope budget, but of better quality then I had expected. Granted I had in mind a truck, but I know this class of all wheel drive car can fill in for light truck in most of the areas I plan to use it in.

Because the dealer had to replace the clutch and some other minor repairs I was forced to stay in town slightly longer then planned. As a result I had an fun few days living off of pub food and beer. The second half of that time off was spend out in Nakusp. I had several good days of burning slash, where I reduced a few 8 foot tall eye sores into a 2 foot tall smoldering masses. Later as I was sipping a beer in the Kelowna air port I called the folks to discover that in possibly the absence of my skills a slash fire had gotten out of hand and the fire department was called in. No one came to any harm nor were any buildings harmed, but its frightful non the less.

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