Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Ice III The Life and Death of Rupert

The Life and Death of Rupert

Rupert the pet glacier, was born of geology but will die from global warming. I have posted before on the subject of both ice and the artificial glacier that had formed out side my work space. To recap the rock saws use a lot of water, the rough estimate is some where between 1600 letre to 2000 letre a day. The water just pass through the saw and onto the ground out side, and in winter it would flow and freeze.

Ice part I showed Rupert at the peak of its health, growing fast and as hard as some rocks. Ice part two was the start of its decline, thinning and with streamlets decorating its surface. Now a week or two later, Rupert is in its death throws, no longer a smooth unbroken surface with the ground hidden form sight.

Rupert is now patches separated by the mud that was once part of the ice by way of the cuttings from the rock saws. Miniature hydraulogies play themselves out producing deltas and canyons that with out a scale could be as big as your hand or a hole cost line. An experimental landscape escaped from the farthest reaches of BLDGBLOG.

Only in its decline however is Rupert's true depth shown. Some time at the beginning of March or the end of February our drilling contractor brought in a few truck loads to stock for the year. A few of the pallets were placed at near the toe of Rupert. It did not take long for the goods on the pallets to get frozen into place by the expanding glacier. Now thanks to the shade from the pallets there are a few small mesas, which show just how thick the ice was.

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