Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Entertainment report III

If you look at my side bar you will see that I have many subsciptions a and that is far from the complete list. I am a fan of internet based entertainment, as some are calling new media. I have seen a lot of short video clips of doubtful quality, so when I heard of a video science fiction podcast in high definition I had to check it out.

The prodution in this case is Strangerthings. They have been slow getting their feet under them, with episodes coming months a part and passed their expected release dates. I will forgive them for that, with such limited resources delays will happen. So the production issues aside, their third full episode was released today. It was worth the wait.

One of Those Faces, is an emotional story and drifts away from the stronger SciFi elements in their earlier episodes in favour of a more sprititual view. After months waiting it still managed to get my full attention and pull me in.

The production is clean, with good sound quality and a solid sound track to go with. The acting and directing seems to show signs of growth from the earlier works.

Go and check it out, remember they have only just started.


Lizard Queen said...

That has a heart tugging, yet charming pathos.
Very interesting.
I like the premise.

Lizard Queen said...

Are these things episodal a la twilight zone, or sequential?

Alexander said...

Very Twilight Zone. All the episodes are stand alone. As far as I know Earl Newton is a fan of the Twilight zone.

Glad you liked it.