Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Walk About

Every once in awhile I something for my mental and physical health, I go for a walk. A few days back I went for a walk along the ridge above the camp. A path that I have walked enough times to fine boring, perhaps explaining why I do not often walk it any more. For I have walked most of the area around camp and have found it full of naked rock, lichen cover rock and rock cover by some what thicker layers of bogs lakes and black fly larva. So after a couple years out here I have lost interest in the local surounds, and it all looks the same for miles around.

Even in that sameness there are still things worth taking a shot at. Some, lichen, be glad you are not Cariboo, because if you were this would be your main meal every day.

And even though it all looks the same most days this landscape still has its moments, the storm that was building the other day had a interesting look from a distance, as various microclimates showed themselves as the hills squeezed water out the clouds in some places but failed to do so in others.

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Ien in the Kootenays said...

Love the close-ups. Lichen are quite fascinating when one takes the time to look at them. Most people need substances to get into that mind frame. Some of us just need a camera.