Sunday, September 13, 2009

BCIT Week one

Hello Bloggies.

It has been a good time. A fast time and that time will continue. A week ago today I finished off a trip that I started out some 10 days or so ago. The first leg was a two day trip to Vancouver island, a blog worthy thing in its own right. Key points of note, are that I had never been two the island before, a side from when I was an infant, I got to go to a good friend's wedding after not seeing her for years, and saw some Alpacas.
And Ice cream shop near the Bay

A small tug boat named BOOMER CAT, which I want to read as Boomer, Cat!, as I know a dog of that name, but I don't know how he takes to cats.

Above, Passing another Ferry in a tight channel, Some random Alpakas on Somones road. The MacKenzie side of the wedding, party, the bride, husband sister mother and father.

The wedding was quick well done and really showed they cared for each other. The reception was a blast. Side trips included seeing crabs jelly fish and other marine animals on a trip to a local bay. I would have liked to stay there longer and I will have to go back. But I had to make my way to Burnaby to get the ball rolling.

I made it to town with out trouble, the ferry was easier the second time. Moving in was strait forward, I had packed lightly. Not a bad idea, but at some points I realized that I just needed some things I did not yet own. So the first few days before class were costly, with the need to stock the shelves and cover up loose ends. Of the extras I picked the best one is the cast iron dutch oven, filling the need of both a roasting pan and larger pot for the stove top.

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Ien in the Kootenays said...

Nice to get the glances, even if it is quickie info-dumps. Those Alpacas are pure Dr. Seuss! I want some!