Friday, November 6, 2009


Greetings Bloggies, No This is not a peace about my hairline but if it was I might use that Title
I went shopping this afternoon.
I was out a fair number of things so I went to the really big Walmart Super Centre By Boundary and Gallardi Way.
For those that take the Sky Train, Rurpert would be your stop.

After spending a chunk of change at WalleMart I headed the block over to Canadian tire.
Where I found what I needed that I failed to find and Walmart. On the way out I spotted a Police car in the underground parking
lot. Not an impossibility, but the Tim Hortons was above ground.

A closer look showed that it was not a real Cop car but a Prop. I had Boston Police painted on it. This pleased me.
For there is only one thing it is likely to be, A prop from the wonderfully Pulpy sci-fi show Fringe. Which was originally filmed in Boston until the moved to Van to save money.
It should be noted that this shopping area, is almost on top of a very large collection of film studios. Saddly I have yet to see any craft with Caprica City licence plates

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chani said...

ha ha ha, that is awsome!!