Thursday, December 5, 2013

A temporary Resolution


It was brought to my attention that the post I wrote a couple days ago was a near carbon copy of one written in June.  It is perhaps an embarrassment that I nearly doubled the size of the project while not properly addressing the bug, but it leads to a conclusion and a solution.  Create the voids.

So last night I stayed up past my bedtime, my cat trying to eat my toes through the bedding and a notebook in my hands.  In doing that I concluded I do want a least one other perspective.  I also am revising the technologies that exist in that universe, this will force me to reconsider how some things fail, and will remove some redundant scenes.  Again parallel perspectives will make this work far better.  Some of these ideas I have considered before but they more clearly set now.

My Nanowrimo project was a failure in that I did not reach 50,000 words or tell a concrete story, but it did produce 10,000 words and do some world building.  Thankfully for my intellectual laziness, the story is set in the same overall universe as the main project, there may be a gap of several generations but the basic backdrop is consistent.  This left me with historical and technological elements that I had not build.  Including evidence for advanced alien technology older than 500 million years, weathered beyond comprehension. This is not panspermia, or ancient Aliens did it.

So as I used the cat to keep my feet warm I created a new set of outlines both for the expanded opening and second half of the tale.  Admittedly the many of these are little more than a single line, merely a chapter title, but they hint at how the story will playout.  A little inspiration does make me feel better.