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I can no longer look at the following document and judge it with any objectivity. It has been tweaked too many times.  The goal of translating what I have done into something that convinces people I could do things for them, for pay, is a tricky one.  Not documented below are some of the less practical skills, such as; efficiently breaking rock with a hammer, accurately eyeballing the sizes of things ranging in size from

So here then is my resume. Formatting adjusted for the blog. 

Professional Experience

GIS Technician     April 2011- April 2013
Independence Gold Corp,   Vancouver, BC
As Independence Gold Corp's GIS Technician I produced maps and figures for technical reports, 
public relations, permitting and other.
  • Provided deskside support for digital mapping software.  
  • Imported and exported data to SQL database, conducted queries.
  • Researched and sourced, from Natural Resources Canada, Data BC, and others.
  • Routinely converted data between various formats.
  • Data entry, and data screening, cleared data for database import.
  • Designed maps and figures for print and web media.
  • Operated large format, 42 inch, colour plotter.
The Geology jobs listed were drilling projects.  The drill extracts a continuous cylindrical sample,called core.  The core is measured and analysed by the geologist and technician.  As a geologist working on drilling projects my duties included:
  • Measure the drill core, ensuring the drilling contractor’s reporting was accurate.
  • Record the different rocks, veins, and faults, which are used to build a model of the deposit.
  • Record the abundances of ore minerals, and using this information select samples to send to assay labs.
Geologist       January 2011- February 2011
Capstone Mining         Minto Mine, Yukon Territory
  • Prepared samples for shipping, generated sample manifests.
  • Recorded data on mineralogy and material qualities of rocks.
  • Archived samples for long term storage.
Contract Geologist    October 2010 - November 2010
SRK Consulting            Rabbit Lake Mine, Saskatchewan
  • Prepared and documented samples for shipping.  
  • Took engineering measurements and samples of bedrock. Maintained detailed records.
  • Used borehole tools to measure bedrock, collected data.  
Contract Geologist     June 2010 - July 2010
Almaden Minerals                                     Near Merritt BC
  • Verified and updated a database with the use of Windows Mobile produces, and GPS
  • Used mapping software to track progress and verify results.
  • Directed and supervised subcontractors.
  • Recorded data on mineralogy and material qualities of rocks.
  • Prepared and documented samples for shipping.  
Practicum Student            January 2010 - May 2010
ESSA Technologies                           Vancouver, BC
  • Wrote part of a subroutine that could calculated the deepest point in a stream channel.
  • Updated a toolbar, for ESRI AcrGIS. Created a new database connector.
  • Successfully loaded and updated database using the toolbar and associated forms.
Geologic Assistant                          May 2006 - October 2008
Tyhee NWT Corp.                 Discovery, Northwest Territory
  • Prepared samples for shipping, generated sample manifests.
  • Recorded data on mineralogy and material qualities of rocks.
  • Transcribed historical documents into database.
  • Assisted in the on site management of up to 5 drills operating on up to 3 properties.
  • Imported GPS data, and survey data.
  • Safely worked around aircraft and industrial machinery.

Advanced Diploma in Geographic Information Systems         September 2009- May 2010
British Columbia Institute of Technology,                              Burnaby, BC
  • Advanced training in ESRI ArcGIS version 9.3.1, and extensions
  • Completed programming projects in, Arc-objects
  • Studied cartography and design
The program also provided, introductory courses in Oracle, SQL, PostgresSQL, Java and Python.

Bachelor of Science, Earth and Environmental Science        September 2001 - May 2006
University of British Columbia. Kelowna, BC

A multidisciplinary program focused on geology, but including, forestry, freshwater science, hydrogeology, soil science and geography.

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