Sunday, June 17, 2007

Nothern Lites Entertainment Report

The Norther Lites Entertainment report.

Core logging and or resampling core, but especially resampling is repetitive work. Resampling takes all the interesting parts from core logging and leaves the repetitive drudgery behind. As a result mental stimulation has to be found out side the job at hand. So its time to pay respect to those who have kept me entertained the podcasters.

Until the last few months I was content to listen to music while working and to catch the odd interesting segment on the TV and CBC radio when in civilization, but then I drifted across SGU, The Skeptics Guild To the Universe.

The SGU is true nerd entertainment. Its title got me right away and any one with a naked Hitch Hikers Guild reference in their title is going to be a friend of mine. Add to that fun hosts and a collection of intelligent guests that go well beyond the sound bites found in mainstream media and I was hooked. I spent two weeks working through back episodes before being forced to find new entertainment. Since then I have started an irreversible fall down the rabbit hole of new media.

My next stop was Skepiticality. Skepticality stared as methadone for my SGU addiction but became a gateway drug to more extreme corners of new media. Skepticality, has lead to several good additions to my media primarily George Hrab and Mur Lafferty.

George is already liked to in my blogs sidebar under Geo-logic and features strongly in my current music playlists as I have just picked up three of his CDs; Coelacanth, Vitriol and Interrobang. Reviewing his albums is not the aim of this post but I will say that it is music that makes me laugh and is both lyrically and musically refreshing after have heard too much of other peoples generic rock and roll with horrible out of context references to Romeo and Juliet. He Also maintains a podcast which can be over done but still makes me laugh. For more visit Geologic Records.

George on the Interrobang Cover.

Mur Lafferty, draggd me the past my head and shoulders and fully into the rabbit hole of new media. Mur Lafferty, podcaster and author of unpublished books. Some of which have been released as podiobooks, free audio books, of which I have listend to Heaven part one and have started Heaven season two Hell. A delightful story set in an after life.
Also produced by Mur is I should be writing which I have stopped listing to because it made me feel too guilty for not up dating the blog or working on any of many fiction ideas I have. Lastly also by Mur is Geek Fu action Grip, a very nerdy podcast but a great source for the tracking down of new podcast.

Of those new podcasts is the impressive Strangers Things video podcast. A sci-fi suspense show with production values comparable to TV and some good writing and acting to go with. Sadly they only have three episodes out but their Pilot Sacred Cow proved to be one of the most suspense filled half hours of resent years. So go visit Stranger Things and download their library you will be pleased.

Thats it for then Northern Lites entertainment report.

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