Saturday, June 9, 2007

The UnRead

The Northern Lites unread reading list.

Aside from the known mental condition that is my line of work, geology, I suffer from another sickness, bibliophilia, the love of books. They get read, borrowed, bought, rarely stolen, infrequently abused, and often hidden in boxes away from trouble.
A trip to the civilized world by extension leads to visits to books stores where I did not leave empty handed. Some were sought out, others sought me out. Book hunting is not a sane process. So here are the books I have most picked up last time out as I see them on the self opposite me. Un Lun Don by China Mieville, I, Robot, The Illustrated screen play by Harlan Ellison, and Rainbows End by Verner Vinge.

Of these only Un Lun Dun was a book I planed to buy, it and Jeff Vandermeer's City of Saints and Madmen, were part of my unofficial BLGDBLOG reading list. That is books or authors that have come across strongly in BLDGBLOG and that I happened to remember. Verner Vinge was because it was out in paperback.
Ellison's book was a must have as I did not even know it was in print. I knew of the film that was never made I just never asked what else was done with it. If any one reading this says that they made a movie of I, Robot, I will personally track them down and beat them senseless with one of Will Smith's ears. Thats it for the recent unreads.

Older unreads or unfinished include, Dead Air, Iain Banks, I have been not reading it since Christ mass, and with it is The Salmon of Doubt, by D.N.A., which I have been planing to reread. Books that I don't have with me but have left unfinished include The Origin of Species, Living Next Door to the God of Love, a book I could not make my self finish, and of coarse the greatest unfinished read in my history is the Bible.

What I have gotten out of the Bible to date has been a soap opera revolving around a petty gangster and his thugs with really bad writing.

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