Tuesday, July 3, 2007



July 3 2007

Happy aphelion. Yes thats right we are now as far from the sun as we will be during the year. But that is not why I am here. I am here to talk beer. Two days ago I had a rare treat a very rare treat at work, beer.

Two days ago was of coarse Canada day. I am not a patriotic person, I don't know all the words to Oh Canada and I don't want to. Nor can I remember the names of old Prime ministers I start losing track some time between Defenbaker and Kim Cambell. But I can agree with some traditions and if they involve beer I am all the more willing to take part. Here at camp beer is band along with most fun drugs. Weed is smelt but not seen.

So come Canada Day I like the majority of the camp people took the day off early at 3:30, and accepted gladly my ration of beer from the manager. I am not a big fan of Canadian or Budwiser but like the cowboy music playing around the fire with the music from the pickup truck it fit the place. So now another two and half weeks before my next beer, I will fight to stay sane.

Next week the Black Fly report, where do bites hurt the most and treatments for the bushed people in your family. How to live in the woods and say socialized.


Ien said...

I am waiting for black fly report!

Meanwhile, Happy Birthday, even if it is beer-less.

Alexander said...

Good steady winds ands working in doors have made removed the need for a black fly report