Sunday, July 15, 2007

Flight Again and the Archeology of Geology.

Flight Again and the Archeology of Geology.

On a personal note yesterday was my birthday, Ya me. It was the first time in years when I had a birthday cake with candles.

Flight Again:

Today I got to go on a chopper ride, the last time I did that was very close to the last time I had a proper birthday cake also at a camp. The mission was to fly over to property that had caused much unpleasantness during the winter and to track down some of the drill collars from the old holes we had moved over. This will lead to the creation of an accurate map, something that is need to make to make sense and hopefully money from that property.

The Archeology of Geology:

The holes we were tracking down were drilled as early as 1989 so there was time for tags and other markings to decay. This lead to the hunting for old drill sites by looking for both flat spots large enough to host a drill and secondly the sandy to grey colours of the cuttings left from the drill. The striking thing is how little things change, the cuttings from 1989 had almost nothing growing in them and had hardly moved from where I would have expected them to be judging from where the old collars were.

The Southern's Brain Fart:

In hunting down one old hole my boss was saying that there should be one between where I was and where we had just been. So I double back, find a large flat spot only its over grown with birch trees as think as thumbs, briefly forgetting how far north I was I entertained the notion that the trees had grown in during the 20 or so years since the drilling.

Sorry for the fragmental nature I do not have the skills of style to wave this into a more coherent peace.

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