Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Lunch Time Quickie #1

Well its time for a break with the tradition of infrequent long posts, I am going to try to bring out a few more short quick and dirty news reports more often. Also in a break with tradition I am going to swear.

Its Fucking Cold out. My computer told me Yellow Knife was at -45, which out here is -50 since we don't have Great Slave Lake to add extra heat. As a result, breakfast was reduce to toast and microwave oatmeal. Why was breakfast reduced to such basic food stuffs, from the usual eggs, pancakes and french toast. Because the Propane in the line feeding the kitchen had turned to jell. Let me replete that the Propane turned to JELL. Or at least a rather thick liquid. This falls under the heading of FUCKED.

This morning I was heading inside for my coffee break and a raven flew by, it was so cold that there was frost covering its head making it look like the bastard child of a raven and a bald Eagle.

I'll wrap things up with a Poem I got this morning in the email

a poem by Abigail Elizabeth McIntyre

" SHIT, It's Cold ! "

The End

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