Saturday, January 19, 2008

Yoshi' Sushi Episode 2

Readers It has been some time but it is time once again to return to the city of peace Jerusalem. And once again enter the life of the unlucky soldier Yoseph. To refresh your memory I direct your attention to Yoshi's Kosher Sushi Episode 1. Enjoy Part two.

..... in a coarse uneven script. It read:
Escape and Find Me,

Yoseph agreed whole-heartedly with the first part of the message and was uncertain if it made sense to follow through with the latter half. Yoseph rolled off the bunk on to the cement floor where with some painful twisting he was able to get his hands in front of him.

It took Yoseph hours to get unbound. He managed by slowly rubbing the zip ties against a sharp flange of metal, which was part of the mountings holding the bunk against the wall. He froze up whenever a shadow passed near his little window.
As he abraded his bindings Yoseph reviewed the day’s events. It was full of the stiff routine he was used in the military. Getting up at the crack of dawn, the morning run and basic drills. The day was as uneventful as they got in the army, until he was pulled out of his bunk for this midnight exercise. The officer at the briefing hand made it crystal clear.
“Pass the exercise and you move on to Special Forces, fail and you’re out the door.”

Yoseph had been waiting for this night for months, a chance to get out of infantry to be something other then a red shirt.

The drill had been going by the books right up to Samuel's death. After that he could not salvage the mission. Yoseph was beat and exhausted. He realized that getting out of here was the start of his problems. He would be looking for a new life but Yoseph did not know who he was outside of the forces. He had stayed on after his mandatory two-year tour. The army worked for him, it had structure and discipline and you got to have discipline.

It was luck that let him escape. If the guard had come in earlier with the bread and water he would have seen Yoseph working on breaking his bindings. As it was Yoseph was able to fake being bound on the bunk. Yoseph's IDF training kicked in and he was able to reverse positions with his jailer. Stealth got Yoseph out of the building.

The plan was to make in back to his base and to report the events to his CO. No doubt he would get six different types of shit for letting his team get taken out. Back at base Yoseph found a duffle bag packed with his civilian clothes and his discharge papers were waiting for him. When he lost control of the exercise he lost his career.

Yoseph spent a few days with is parents in small settlement near the Mediterranean coast. He returned to Jerusalem, both for work and out of a fondness for the living chaos of that old city. Work in the city as a security guard slipped into routine. Yoseph's new post IDF life started to feel normal. It lacked the edge and the discipline he had grown used to. This new life left him with time to spare for the first time in years, his mind to wander. Every so often it would drift back to the failed drill that completely threw his life off course.

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