Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mail The Opera II

Mail The Opera, Part II, The Farce Of Time.

You Have Mail: Prelude.
I got a package half A week ago. A month late.

Identity The Aria

Yesterday a parcel arrived for me. After all this time and jumping through some hoops the Drivers license I lost in Edmonton back in January found me at long last.
Well past the point in time it could have done me any good. It has long since been replaced.

The Farce of Time: Coda

So two long lost parcels arrived. The package that contained my license was registered as Express Post, the post mark for the point of departure was February Second. It arrived here at the discovery camp no sooner then April 29Th. It is some how sadder that the parcel arrived. there could have been some pride in totally fucking things up. to loose something fully with out a trace that speaks of true incompetence but to merely miss place something fore a few months speaks of mediocrity. If you are going to fuck up to it fully. I don't want my mail late I want on time or not at all. Let me know you care either way.

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Ien in the Kootenays said...

Do we laugh or cry? Worse things happen to people but it is still