Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wild Life

I have been informed that my blog is falling behind. So I have not posted in the month of May, its been an uneventful time, no drama, work has been better then average, with the company of two new people things have become a little livelier. I have been accused of knowing how to do my job and so have been given the task of instructing the new comers in the same. That has been a fun time, I have moved into a shop with windows and have not been working completely alone for most of the day. That has been a lot easier on my sanity, that and I am in the last week of a shorter then average 4 week rotation.

In other news, the snow is gone, there are a few patches of old crusty stuff hiding in the shade and there is still ice on the lakes but mostly the land scape has shifted form the endless white of winter to a half grey that will hold until the birches and alder come into leaf, at which point there will be a fresh tint of green on top of the old green of the evergreens. But it is with out a doubt spring. To prove that point a visitor wandered into the camp yard.

A black bear wandered on to the back side of the compound, people estimate that it is about 2 years old, it was a pretty laid back animal, it was sniffing around for a few minuets before some one spotted as they went out for a smoke. After a bit of yelling it wandered back up the way it came, having figured this place was too much trouble for now, or that there were too many Steven Colbert fans in camp.

The Fox is was back today too, unlike the bear we encourage that old fellow to come around. The critter still has a nearly crippled back leg and has grey around its snout, if any animal has earned a few hand outs its that old timer. I can see in it how we managed to domesticate some of its kin.

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