Sunday, May 18, 2008

Entertainment Report

Northern Lites Entertainment report Number who Cares.

Earlier this spring I was in the mood for a slightly bitter rant, that mood has some what faded even though the cause for the rant still remains. I was upon my arrival here three and a half weeks ago greated with a memo on the need to curb internet usage. Among the notes in this memo was a prohibition against the down loading or streaming of audio and video content. This cut directly into my choice form of entertainment for my working hours, podcasts. I was up to having 3 or 4 episodes download a day from close to 30 different shows. So I was naturally annoyed by a change in policy that would cut off some media.

There were some positive side effects, I uncovered some music hiding in my hard drives that I had long ignored, I had also tripped across some podcasts that I had forgotten about, including part 4 of Mur's Heaven series, the best of that series to date, with dinosaurs and air ships just to add to the cool factor.

I have also been reading more than average this rotation, this owes less to the shortage of fresh content then it does to the fact that the DVD's I picked up to watch here I binged on before I left for the north. I picked up Season 3 of Battlestar Galactica, on my last break and spent a few days in Nakusp fully sucked in to that world, like man being sucked out an airlock. So I did not have 20 hours of fresh entertainment to get zoned out on. So I read most nights, plotted a revolution others and watched the small stack of DVD's on loan from the shipyard to pass the time.

So here is a quick list of books and DVD's I have read since I got here

Old Man's War, by John Scalzi, a fun fast passed Sci Fi read with some elements of Starship Troopers.

Storm Front: an Novel of the Dresden Files. The first of Jim Butchers series, which follows the miss adventures of Harry Dresden, Wizard and private dick.

Infected, by Scott Sigler. I just finished that last night. I was wincing in pain shock all through the book and that was even after having heard the whole story as an audio book. I was wandering how reading it would compare to having it read to me. It worked out better, more personal. I was pleased to find the Sig's writing style an easy read and a very close match to his audio productions. I did miss in the final chapters his constant whispering of chicken scissors.


To nights film was Winged Migration, mostly video of birds flying crazy long distances. My complaint not enough Ducks

My favourate film of the loaners is Mirror Mask, produced by the Jim Henson company, written by Neil Gaiman. Its nice to see something that is not american for a change. Character and plot out way explosions and car chases. In a break with normal habits I watched it twice in the space of two weeks.

Now I am tired of writing and by now you are tired of reading so that will be enough for this post.

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