Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Life and Times of Stumpy

I'm writing from Nelson to night. I am recovering form a trip to the dentist and will be heading to Trail for yet more work in the morning.

I have in the last 5 months been playing catch up with years of neglect on my teeth. Front and center of this mess is a molar that at some point maybe as far back as 5 years ago cracked. It has been the source of lots of pain off and on for a few years. Its died since then and for fun peaces have broken off on more then one occasion. So here is a portrait of what pain can look like.

Well thanks to the hard work of the staff at the dentist in Nelson I have an appointment with a specialist to get ride of the old broken tooth. To speed up things I was given a copy of the X-ray to pass on to the office in Trail. So being a geek I put the camera on macro held the negative to the light and hoped for the best

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