Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dam good time off

A Dam good time.

I'm back, from the south. Once again I had a hectic two weeks off, this time visiting more places then perhaps any other time off in the last two years. In fact my time off contained my two year mark with this company. On May 26 2006 I stepped off a Cessna Grand Caravan at Discovery NWT for the first time, to the greeting of a diamond driller giving the plan the finger as we came to a stop.

So where was I and what was I doing. The new thing was spending more time in Nelson and other more southerly parts of the west Kooteney's. When I had written the Life and times of stumpy I had not yet gone to Trail. As i write this I have passed through that town 3 or 4 times in my time off, including a some what guided tour. Along with a Trail tour I got a Dam tour too.

The Big dam tour was unplanned and happened over two days, Day one the Boundary dam, which powers Seattle, and was spotted while driving down the Pend Doreille road when taking the dog for a swim. The two other dams were spotted the following day and are on the Canadian of the river but down stream of the Boundary dam. And consist of the Waneta and 7 Mile Dams. With the Waneta Damming the Pend Doreille river just before it meats the Columbia and is nearly on the Boarder. This tour also covered much of the specks of the dams power generation ability and owner ship much of which I have since forgotten.

Boundary Dam

Waneta Dam

7 Mile Dam
That's all for now, I will return with animal close ups for my next post.

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