Friday, June 20, 2008


A Northernlites Public Service.

On June 4th I passed through Vancouver. This was a hurried visit, I was heading back to work by way of Edmonton that evening, but I was there for a special Occasion. My older Sister, Nienke, who had defended her Ph.D thesis was having her convocation and so I arranged along with the rest of the family to be there for it. Being as how we had both skipped out on our own grads after we completed our BSc`s it seemed right to go to this next and likely last one. Besides she is running out of things to graduate from.

Now it was Vancouver which means lots of liquid sunshine, rain, but worse then the rain was the fog. The event was being held in a semi-enclosed space at the top of one of main university buildings at SFU and the fog was running amok the whole time. It naturally thickened as my sister was call forward. Despite the difficulties and the cold weather a few good shots made their way out of there.

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