Friday, June 20, 2008


A Midsummers day Orgy

Northernlites is venturing into new ground with this post. Thats right this is the first post ever about sex. Thats right, what Newfies have and the rest of Canada only talks about, sex. Now I am not going to blast you with my personal life, since firstly I don't have one due to living and working in dog fuck nowhere, and if I did no one reading this would care to know any details.

Out here in what passes for summer every thing is having sex, there even the odd inter Kingdom relations as insects pollinate flowers, the perverts. Since I found my self with what turned into an hour of time to kill waiting for a chopper when out and shot images of a range of the flowers I could see out there. I am sure that if roses had any sense of personal space they would have felt invaded by my prying lens.
Since I could not hear them object and since they all looked over 18 I went a head and took some nearly pornographic photos of the flowers.

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