Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Flight Part N of N.

Its been a busy week a string of events left me looking after some aspects of the project that are normally the domain of others above me. So far I have not fucked this up and I am out of time to make a mess of it as the chief geo will be coming back tomorrow.

Thanks to this set of conditions I have been flying back and forth to the drills off sight frequently. So I have been out in the land and taking some photos.
Some little things, flowers I think are a form of Saxifrage, some moss, A Dash 7 and some random lakes from some chopper flights.

I also learned that in Huges 500 the doors suck and that they can pop open in flight which happened to the pilot yesterday. The solution, bring the bird to a near stop and well close the door and go on your marry way. And that is why you always ware your seat belt, because its a long way down an the trees look awful sharp and pointy and the rocks hard and flat.

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