Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Strangerthings Episode 4

So my favourate internet film producer has produced the first part of episode 4 of his Scifi shorts series Strangerthings. I commented after episode 3 came out that they were new to the game and still had some kinks to work out. Well I have to say that episode 4, written by the internet famous Matt Wallace, who I will come back to after I get around to reading his book, The Next Fix, was there best yet and most polished in all areas.

This latest episode cliffhangered on creepy note that has me iching to see parts 2 and 4. I highly recommend that if you are not in dial-up country give it a chance. Its more professional nearly ever respect, they have grown a lot and they can still tell a good story. So go and visit them, and tell Earl I sent you. Strangerthings

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