Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I have over the course of this blog aimed to keep a positive tone and have mostly cheerful posts. I hope that in that time I have managed to bring across an image of my work and life out here. The last week as I had said in the preamble to the March 21st post, has not been a happy one. With my two year mark two months away its time to take a look at some of things that have brought me down at this job or because of the life style out here. I am not depressed for say, nor do I hate my job, out right, but its time to take a closer look at the cost of being out here.

I have to put these thoughts out so I can be honest with myself, because there will be a day when I will have had too much of this place and if I make public my thoughts on the negatives of this life then perhaps I will be able to find support for when I choose to make the move to the next thing.

Stay tuned, for a few rants, Starting with White, followed by Homeless more coming as I think about them

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