Monday, March 17, 2008

Entertainment Report

Northern Lites Entertainment Report.

Well Readers Its time for an up date on what I have been reading and watching as the rest of the camp watches Hockey. When I am out in civilization I tend to spend some money on books and DVDs to keep my self amused when I am up here in the white cold north. By now I should know better, then to buy books and DVDs on the same break. The same hours exist for reading books as watching discs and the discs eat enough time that I fall farther and farther behind in my reading. So then what am I watching or reading.

Currently after much delay, and waiting for it to warm up out side some I have started to take a chunk out of Worst Journey in the World. The account of one on Scotts Crewmen, Apsley Cherry-Garrard and his quite literally chilling adventures in Antarctica from 1910 to 1913. Loosely speaking this book is research for a science fiction novel I have in mind. Under the I should be reading list is The New Weird, a short story collection I picked up because I liked the editor Jeff Vandermee.

I am watching,
Robot Chicken Season 1

B5 Season 4, only one more season and I have the whole run of the show less the made for TV movies that are part of the same universe. Its geeky but good story telling which is why it is one of two Sci Fi Drama's I am willing buy the full run of on DVD. The other is BattleStar Galactica. Season three will be out when I head south next and I will be picking it up.

Futurama, Benders Big Score. Its the Futurama Movie, there is time travel involved which means a loopy plot.

South Park, Bigger Longer UnCut, years late I at last watch the south park movie, only to have the songs pop into my head at horrible moments.

Ratatouille, Contrary to what a fell form Saskachwan said, it is not a movie about a rat. It is a movie about being an Artist, it just happens to have a rat in it. Its a fun intelligent and well writen film. It leaves me hungry too.

Family Guy the Freaking Sweat Collection: Sure the Simpsons have been knocked off but its funny. That said there is not much point in buying Family Guy discs, since it is forever on in reruns some where. If am going to get any animated shows its going the be Futurama, pure geeky goodness.

An Entertainment report would be incomplete with out listing some of the internet Audio content I keep on my Ipod to help my work days go by. What I listen to is always in a state of flux, new shows or audio books are being added old ones I finish or grow tired of and are removed from my feeds.

The newest addition is Seth Harwood's Jack Palms 3, I liked the other two, fun action movie style story telling.

Other Favourates,

Scott Sigler
is still in my feeds, currently I am listening to Nocturnal, I just had my fix of this weeks episode and will have to wait for part 20. He is not for the faint of heart.

Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff. Of his I am currently listening toTransistor Rodeo Transistor Rodeo, his first to date all ages podcast.

When Robots Run Amok in The City of Los Angeles Some Thing Bad is Bound To happen.

Fore the less discriminating listener I listen to Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff and his buddy Mike, trade BS, on The Pascific Coast Hellway. And I catch Mike Sprouting BS and digging up good Tunes on UCRadio. A few of my letters have found their way on to these shows. These LA based dudes, have a hard time with the idea of -20 and think I am mad for coming out this way. I am mad, but for totally different reasons that precede my traveling north. These two goons have are also responsible for getting some dumb ass songs stuck in my head thanks to Pussy The Musical

This aint a complete list but its the ones that stand out.

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