Saturday, September 13, 2008


Well I am back in the south. That means a chance to spend some of the money I have earned through my excessive working.
Today after some trial and a little error I bought a kayak. Due to having the chance to try out a few models at the beach this morning I found my self wanting a bout that was a big step up in both materials and price. Knowing that I could not have enjoyed the original boat I had in mind I coughed up the extra money and got me a boat I could really love rather then just like.

So having set my self up with a vessel and the odds and end needed to get out on the water with I headed off to a small local lake, Wood Lake out side of Kelowna. It was calm save for the wakes of the speed boats. I was out on the water for over 3 hours.
The latter half saw me with some company as I had came a shore to adjust my seating and in typical style got chatting.

So now I have some pictures to share of the boat and the lake