Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Well I am going home tomorrow morning. Yay me. And I will be entering a fossil fuel powered time machine, other wise known as jet. It is at this time of year as in spring that the differences in latitude show up most strongly.

Up here nearly all the leaves have turned nearly all at once. We had the first short lived snow fall over lunch a couple days ago. We're having crispy days with frost and ice on some lesser mud puddles. But this time of year is also when I start to see my favourate sunrises that many of you readers have seen.

I have this rotation for my physical and mental heath tried to go for walks on a daily basis. Well I did not go out daily I did manage to go for walks more often then not. This gave me a chance to photograph some of the wild life as on those days I remember to bring my camera. If I brought my camera with me every time I would have filed up my hard drive by now so its best if I for get it more often then not.

So enjoy the change of season, I my self look forward to moving a few weeks back in time to more gentle early fall.

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