Monday, September 29, 2008

Lake land

Now that I have recovered from the lost sleep and general tiredness of 1400km commute in 2 days I have the resources to write again. As is too often the case I find my blog posts lagging a week or two at least be hind real life. This is no exception.

As can be seen in my last post I got s Kayak. Because I was living in dialup country I did not attempt to make up any posts with the pictures from those adventures. Of which there were many pictures.

This time off turned out to have been my most expensive one since I got my car, not matching in for dollars spent but taking the biggest chunk out of my cash in a long time. A boat and dental work will do that. I managed to spend time at some of my favorate places on and off the water.

This post is really about lakes, all the ones I found my self on. In the first boat post I was on Wood lake out side of Kelowna, I have since found my self on Kookenay lake , The middle and lower portions of Arrow lake, Slocan lake, and the larger of the Champion lakes near Fruitvale. As well as Summit and Box lakes near nakusp. I am feeling lazy so I will leave it for you to figure which lake is which.

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