Friday, October 3, 2008

Northern Lights Squared

Blessed be Mehdi's novelty seeking soul. I was peacefully reading Salt, a world History, more on that in an up coming norther lights entertainment report when I got a diversion. I was informed that the northern lights where out. Now I have seen them a few time out here. Often they are active too late at night or it is deep winter and I can not be talked into going outside. Tonight was neither. And quite honestly it was the best I have ever seen them. A shimmering green ribbon across the sky. I do not have the interest or even the time to commit 1000 words in there place I will provide 5000 words worth of photographs.

These photos were possible because of the high level of control I have with my Canon G9, manual over rides for nearly every thing nearly never used. A tripod and long exposer times let me get enough light on the my chip with out it turning into a bury mess. I experimented with use times as long as 15 seconds, which proved too long as the brightest parts of the Aura became white with light saturation on the chip. Even imperfect experiments are worth it for a show that good. Enjoy.