Friday, October 31, 2008

And So it begins

Blogging is going to become a rarer even as I am spending more time in Dial-up country. Added to that is the shear amount of work I have found my self doing. For the sake of my mental health I have been keeping busy playing at being a woods man. Learning the fine art of sharpening a chainsaw and then attacking trees with it. I am driven by honest need. when I came home two or so weeks ago I had a small firewood stash one intended for infrequent short visits. Faced with a impending shortage I have kept my self hacking away in the woods most days. I am pleased to report that the wood pile is growing much faster then I am burning it but I have a long ways to go.

All that hard work is proving fun. Time has been found to enjoy the natural and nonnatural beauty of this region.
This post is being posted a week after I had planned to as it did not load the pictures the last time I was in town

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Chani said...

At least you are keeping yourself busy!!!